YURST = Your Unconventional Radio Streaming Technologist

Listen along to my eclectic blend of over 5500 hours of music in many worldly progressive rock sub-genres, including: art rock, electronic, RIO, ambient, symphonic rock, fusion, space rock, psychedelic rock, post rock, experimental rock, etc. Occasionally, I'll even throw in some other favorite genres, such as alternative, grunge and classic rock into the mix.

LISTEN to my 128K stream

(Requires an MP3 streaming program, such as WinAmp)

This station was set up merely for my own listening pleasure, as a way to hear my music both at home, at work, and when I travel. There is no commercial intent whatsoever. I tend to be a collectionist - if there's an artist I like, I'll usually get all their material and then some. Any friends in cyberspace are welcome to listen along with me, just as if you were in my own living room. Remember: if you hear an artist you like, buy their albums!